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BSB, one of Greece’s largest clothing companies, plays a leading role in the fashion industry, setting an extremely high bar to its competitors in the field. Through the upbringing of department stores all across Greece, and most recently the use of the electronic website, BSB has been able to break down international barriers and market its products overseas, expanding its Greek style and ethnic culture to onlookers at every point on the globe. With a team of highly talented and respected designers and intellectuals, the faculty at BSB strives to ensure that all customers are given the best quality merchandise they are promised, and that each item is manufactured to its most perfect capacity to provide nothing but enjoyment upon arrival.

Upon hiring we look for individuality, confidence and attitude. We seek people who disrupt the norm, push boundaries and are collaborative in their approach. They act with honesty and humility and treat those around them with respect. Our people are able to bring others with them and are the best in what they do. BSB values creativity, hard-work, innovative thinking and loyalty. In return we offer a truly inspiring workplace for new ideas and new expressions.

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