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Kaftans are a unique piece for your summer vacation. Find the best kaftan for your style in order to wear it until morning to late evening. From monochrome to multicolored ones in mini, midi, and maxi lengths, here we give you the best ideas for this summer. Are you looking for a kaftan in loose-knit, a linen, or a satin one? The choices are many in order to find what fits you perfectly!

The differences are many because a kaftan is outerwear with a self-tie fastening. However, a tunic has a blouse’s characteristics and may be in mini, midi, or maxi length. Both of them are a must-have piece of the season because they can upgrade an evening look or your beach outfit.

The kaftans are aery and most of the time it has a tie on the waist. It can be worn from morning to a beach to late night to a night outing. It’s a piece which can be worn only during summer and it can be combined easily with your swim suitμ or denim shorts. Discover the trendy colors of the season and stay unique from morning to late night.

Choose a matching hat and flip-flops with shiny stones to stay stylish and dazzling even on the beach. In addition, you can choose necklaces and earrings with shells and pearls, which complete your summer outfit. Don't forget to set up an extra stylish beach bag that fits your stuff comfortably and upgrades your look!

To take care of your kaftan and keep it undamaged, you must definitely follow the instructions on its care label. First, you need to check the washing method, if it must be washed by hand or in the washing machine. Secondly, we need to know how to drip and if ironing is allowed as most of the time kaftans are made of very thin fabrics and as a result, they are ruined if ironed! Finally, storage is also an important factor, since moisture can destroy it!

Kimonos are traditionally in a wrap pattern, with a matching belt on the waist, and usually have a silky texture. In the BSB collection, you will find a variety of designs and colors to find the kimono that matches your style and you can combine it in many ways with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe! From mini, midi, and maxi length, a kimono can be worn as a top as well as a dress.

A kimono, depending on the fabric and the print, can be worn from morning to evening. Combined with trousers and your high-heeled sandals for more important events to your denim shorts and flat sandals, you can wear them on any occasion.

The history of kimonos began many years ago, being an integral part of the wardrobe of many women of various races and religions. It was also a traditional outfit that women were wearing to their important events. The pattern has been preserved and is still an integral part of women's summer wardrobe.

The kimonos and the kaftans are in the same clothing category because they look like each other. However, there are some serious differences. The kimonos have a silky touch and have a self-tie fastening on the waistband. Also, the kimonos have a wrap pattern and their sleeves are T-shaped. Most of the time, a kaftan has a wrap pattern and T-shaped sleeves. However, a kaftan often has a loose fit and has a midi or maxi length accompanied by wide sleeves. They may be in satin, cotton, or linen touch.

A kimono can be worn in a lot of ways and be combined easily with most of your wardrobe’s clothing. Discover all the kimono’s BSB collections and find what fits you perfectly. Combine it with its pants or with other trousers or jeans in order to upgrade it!

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