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These terms of participation govern the BSB REWARDS loyalty scheme (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”) which has been created by «B & F INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL CLOTHING SOCIETE ANONYME” with distinctive title «B & F Group», based in Nea Filadelfia, Attica (10th km of Athens- Lamia National Road), hereinafter referred to as “B & F Group”. The Program is addressed to customers of the B & F Group's physical or online stores in order to, on the one hand, reward the members of the Scheme who choose B & F's stores for their clothing and accessories purchases with special discounts and privileges and on the other hand to record and analyze the purchases made by members, conduct a research concerning the buying tendency for the company's products, manage its products and services, manage its clientele and promote its products and services.



  1. Account-Enrollment
  1. Enrollment right: Any natural person over 16 years of age who is eligible to participate in all draws and offers included in the program (and, of course, receive the relevant prizes) can enroll as a member in the BSB Rewards Loyalty Rewards Program.
  2. Enrollment: Enrollment in the Program and activation of the membership takes place either via special spots (tablets) in the stores or online via the special form which can be found in the e-shop and in the mobile app.

During the enrollment process, the member activates its account at BSB Rewardssolely by using the mobile phone and the special confirmation code received by SMS. The connection of the phone must be registered by a mobile network operator legally established in Greece. The applicant shall declare responsibly that the information submitted by him/her is totally accurate and true. B & F is under no obligation to perform identity and authorization checks when submitting the application for enrollment.

  1. The account is strictly personal and therefore it is forbidden in any way to transfer or share it, whereas the points accumulated by the member or any privileges cannot be transferred to a third person.
  1. Account Use - Membership Obligations

Changes to the details: The member has to inform B & F of any changes to the information it has declared when enrolling in the Program, either by telephone or electronically via the e-shop (URL: Until such change is notified, each document is validly delivered to the old address or communicated by telephone at the old number.

Stores: The member of the Program is entitled to use its account exclusively at the B & F's Greek branch network.

Products: B & F shall choose at its sole discretion and shall include in the Program specific products the purchase of which will result in credit of points in the Members' Account. These products shall be notified to members within the aforementioned stores every time.

Crediting Points in the Account: When making purchases from these stores, the member who wants points to be credited to its account, is required to report to the cash desk the number of the mobile phone it has declared upon its enrollment in the Program as well as the unique member number (Member ID) which it has received upon completion of its enrollment and is available in the Information Section of its Member Account. Requests for crediting redeeming points to a member's account concerning transactions in which the person involved has not been recognized as a member of the Program, shall be considered and satisfied at B & F's sole discretion. Points shall only be credited to a member's account only when the purchases are made by it.

Preservation of Evidence: The member is required to keep proof of the purchases it makes crediting points to its account, for 18 months after each purchase. B & F is entitled at any time upon redemption of the points by the member, to request the production of such evidence in order to confirm the lawful manner of acquiring them, a right which it may exercise at its sole discretion.

Reward system: For every 1 Euro of purchases of the specific products included in the Program, the member will accumulate a) 10 points (1 Euro = 10 points) for non-discount products and b) 5 points (1 Euro = 5 points) for discount products.

Under no circumstances may the account, the number of points and the rights deriving from them be redeemed for cash.

B & F reserves the right to unilaterally modify the reward system and change or replace the rewards rate of the purchases.

Reward point validity period: The points lapse 18 months after the member's last transaction using its mobile phone number and after the member has been notified three months before.

Point Redemption - Bonuses: If a member has collected 4,000 points, it is entitled to a 10 € discount. If a member has collected 6,000 points, it is entitled to a 20 € discount. If a member has collected 8,000 points, it is entitled to a 30 € discount.If a member has collected 12,000 points it is entitled to a 50 € discount.

Receiving Bonuses: The member who accumulates as many points as required to be entitled to a discount, is informed by the shop's staff upon the current transaction or upon completion of its order from the E-Shop. Using the respective deduction, the corresponding points are deducted from the member's account.
The discount is available online in the member's e-shop account and in the mobile application.

Discount redemption: Redemption of the discount requires the reference of the mobile phone number the member has declared upon its enrollment in the program.

Each discount is redeemed in a transaction of equal or greater value exclusively at the stores or on the eShop Each gift voucher is valid for a single transaction and in every transaction only one gift voucher may be redeemed.
Final Redemption: Once points are redeemed, redemption cannot be canceled nor points returned.

Product Return: In the event that the return of a product for the purchase of which a corresponding number of points has been credited to the account is combined with a refund, the points corresponding to the amount of the refund are deducted from the total of the redeemable points. If the returned item has been purchased using a gift voucher, the voucher is not returned and a credit note of the original value of the item returned is issued. Purchases using the redemption gift voucher are excluded from the refund right.   In case of a refund, the refund is made to the payable value. In the event that a member returns all or some of the products it has bought and from which it has earned points or changes these products for others not included in the Program, then the points corresponding to the value of the products returned or changed will be deducted from its account.

Points to which the member is entitled after every transaction it carries out will be credited on the same day of the transaction. All points corresponding to each member will also be available on the same day of the transaction. When the member redeems the points corresponding to a bonus, then the points corresponding to this particular bonus are deducted.


  1. Personal Data - Obligations


B & F reserves the right to regularly inform the member by telephone, e-mail, mobile telephony (SMS) or any other appropriate means provided that the member has not opposed the receipt of relevant updates and promotional messages. This updating will concern B & F's products, offers, competitions and other promotions under BSB Rewards Program. In any case, the member reserves the right to request to opt-out by selecting the unsubscribe option in the informative email, via the personalized account on the company's website or by contacting us, while maintaining the right to select communication means for updates and promotions through its personal account at


In addition, if a member no longer wishes to receive promotional and informational material, it can withdraw its consent easily and simply:

  • Online through its personal account at
  • By sending a letter to the company under the name “B & F INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL CLOTHING SOCIETE ANONYME” with distinctive title “B & F Group” based in Nea Filadelfeia, Attica (10th km of Athens- Lamia National Road), tel. 210 250 9000 (attn. DPO) and noting its mobile phone number.

By email to the email address XXX noting its phone number



  1. Other terms

Duration of privileges: The reward scheme provides privileges to the member for as long as it is in force. B & F reserves the right to determine and change this period at its sole discretion.

Responsibility: BSB shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to the member resulting from the use of the Program nor for any unauthorized use of its account.

Modification/ Cancellation: B & F has the sole discretion and right to modify these terms and to change the Program and its structure, including the method to calculate the points and the amount of purchase rewards rate, to eliminate, terminate and cancel the Program at any time, without any warning or reason. To update the terms of use of the Program, the Member must refer to the Terms of Use for “BSB REWARDS” as posted on the company's official website. If the Member continues to use the Program's privileges and discounts, it shall be deemed to accept any modifications to the terms of use.

In the event of any conflict between the terms of use of the present and any other information provided in connection with the Program, the terms set forth herein shall prevail.

Informing Members: Any kind of announcements and notices regarding the Program shall be made by any appropriate means, using the contact details that the member has provided and/or by posting on the e-shop at and/or at B & F's stores.

B & F Voluntary Benefit: The Member acknowledges that the Program does not entail any financial or other charge for it and that it is offered by B & F as a donation. As a consequence, the member cannot have any claim against the Company with regard to the participation in the program, credit and redemption of points and the operation, modification and/or cancellation of the Program in general.

Misuse - Deactivation of an account: B & F reserves the right to terminate the account and remove the member from the Program at any time in the event of misuse or attempted deception by the member. In this case, all earned points will be deleted immediately and all privileges will be removed, without prejudice to any claims of B & F for damage compensation.

These terms are governed by Greek law and for any controversy or dispute arising out of or in connection with these terms, the courts of Athens shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

The Member declares that it has been fully aware of and accepts unconditionally the Terms of Participation in the “BSB REWARDS” Loyalty Program. At the same time, the Member declares that it has been informed of the processing of its personal data by B & F Group under this contract, through the Privacy Notice available on the company's website:

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