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The boho dresses are the biggest trend of the season. Discover modern lines and prints with frills for a lighter and more casual style. In the BSB collection, you will find short-sleeve, sleeveless, and long-sleeve dresses with comfortable lines and special prints.

A boho dress is the right outfit for spring days and beyond. If your style is boho, in our collection you will find the dress you won't part with! However, a boho dress can be worn by all women as it is more comfortable and stylish than other types of dresses.

Boho dresses are usually printed, floral, or with lace and have oversized lines to be airy! Don't hesitate to choose a boho dress with ruffles or a wrap neckline to stay stylish and cool.

Boho dresses are usually oversized with comfortable lines and not fitted. However, their colors and designs are usually bright. Discover our boho dresses to complete your wardrobe and wear it from morning to evening outings.

Combine your favorite boho dress with unique BSB accessories. Choose hoops and boots for a boho and sexy outfit, while you can also wear your sneakers and a jacket of the season to be comfortable and stylish all day!

A boho dress is always a must-have as it can be easily worn on many occasions throughout the year. Choose your favorite dress from the BSB collection and it will remain the must-have piece of your wardrobe regardless of the season since it can be combined beautifully with your boots or your sandals!

Spring is an excellent season for boho dresses. The weather is usually mild and comfortable, allowing you to wear flowy and lightweight boho dresses with ease. Floral patterns, pastel colors, and airy fabrics are particularly popular during this time. Summer is another great season for boho dresses. With its relaxed and carefree vibe, boho dresses can thrive during this time. Opt for lightweight materials such as cotton, linen, or chiffon, which can keep you cool and comfortable in the heat. While winter might not be the most common season for boho dresses, you can still incorporate bohemian elements into your winter wardrobe. Opt for long-sleeved boho dresses with heavier fabrics like wool or velvet. Layering with tights, leggings, or knitwear can help you stay warm while embracing the boho aesthetic.

Read the care labels: Always check the care labels on your boho clothes for specific washing instructions. Different fabrics and embellishments may require different care methods. Choose hand wash when necessary or machine wash on a gentle cycle. Trying the proper drying iron methods and storing it properly.

The perfect size for a boho dress can vary depending on personal preferences, body shape, and the specific style of the dress Take accurate measurements of your bust, waist, and hips using a measuring tape. Different boho dress styles may have different fitting requirements. Some boho dresses are designed to be loose and flowy, while others may be more fitted or have defined waistlines. Pay attention to the dress's silhouette and consider whether you prefer a more relaxed or tailored fit.

Yes, boho dresses are considered trendy in the fashion world. Boho fashion has had a consistent presence in the industry for several years and continues to be a popular choice for many individuals. Boho dresses often feature flowing silhouettes, lightweight fabrics, vibrant prints, embroidery, crochet details, and other bohemian-inspired elements. Whether it's for music festivals, beach vacations, summer events, or everyday wear, boho dresses offer a stylish and bohemian aesthetic that continues to attract fashion enthusiasts.

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