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At BSB, you will find an exclusive category of strapless dresses suitable for both daytime and night outings. You can explore the different colors and designs we offer, exclusively on the BSB website.

To make sure you choose the right strapless dress for your body, you should first know your body measurements to be sure you select the correct size. Consult the size chart available on the BSB website to find the right size for your body. As for the style of the strapless dress that suits your body, whether it will be maxi or mini, fitted or loose, it depends on the type of dress you usually wear.

To avoid a strapless dress from slipping, make sure you choose the correct size that fits your bust properly by using the size chart available on the BSB website. Another option is to choose strapless dresses with an inner silicone (elastomer seam) at the top of the garment for added stability.

Strapless dresses can be combined with many accessories. Regarding jewelry, ideal choices for a strapless dress could include a pair of long earrings or a more fancy necklace, as strapless dresses allow for bolder accessories to add a touch of glamour to your look. Additionally, a nice pair of shoes and a handbag will complete the outfit. Of course, your choice of jewelry will vary depending on the occasion for which you plan to wear the strapless dress. At BSB, you will find accessories that match a strapless dress and are suitable for any occasion you need them for.

To wear a strapless dress in winter, you can pair it with tights or a pair of boots to keep you warm. Additionally, for a more casual look, you can combine the strapless dress with a sweater or a cardigan, while for formal occasions, you can choose a warm coat. At BSB, you will find many options to combine with your strapless dress so that you can wear it in winter.

The top trends for strapless dresses in 2024 include mini-fitted designs as well as longer, flowy ones. Both solid colors and floral or geometric patterns are in style this year. At BSB, you will find available strapless dresses in designs that are top trends for 2024!

To wear a strapless dress to a formal event, first, you need to find the appropriate design and fabric that is appropriate for such an occasion. Next, you should choose the right accessories to pair with the dress to elevate your outfit and ensure it is suitable for a formal event. At BSB, you will not only find suitable strapless dresses for formal events, but also the appropriate accessories to complete your look and shine!

A strapless dress can be worn to the beach depending on its fabric and design. To wear a strapless dress to the beach, you should first choose one that can be worn on a daily basis, and second its fabric should be cotton or linen. At BSB, you can find an exclusive category of dresses suitable for the beach and discover what suits you and your style!

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