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Wrap playsuit

Wrap playsuit


Prepare for the new season by choosing one of the unique BSB shorts. For a day at the office until a summer day on the island, we have the solution for you. Shorts are the part of your wardrobe that can automatically give style and character to your outfit.

Unique Denim Shorts-Bermudas

Is there a better choice for the summer months than denim shorts? Discover the wide variety of BSB shorts and Bermudas and renew your wardrobe with pieces that you will never part with. Do you prefer denim shorts with fringes or slits? What about colored denim shorts? Then you are in the right category. Depending on your style you can choose anything you want for our collection to wear all day long. The unique patterns are here to excite you. Shorts are the best choice because you can combine them with a t-shirt for your early morning routine or a crop top and your heel sandals for a special occasion.

Renew your closet with textured bermuda shorts

What is the latest summer trend? The BSB textured shorts-bermudas are available to be your own. Are you still wondering what will you wear at the office on the hot summer days to feel comfortable and stylish? The answer is here. Our new designs are many and you surely can find something which absolutely suits your unique style. Choose a pleated bermuda or shorts with a belt and combine them with a shirt and your favorite mules for a warm day at the office. Also, choose printed shorts and combine them with a monochrome crop top for an evening walk. Stay unique and show your personality up!

Special Αthletic Shorts & Bermuda shorts

Are you seeking comfort in every outfit? This summer is time to renew your closet with unique BSB athletic shorts and bermuda shorts. For the most stylish and casual looks choose athletic shorts and combine them with your t-shirt and your sneakers for a morning walk. The BSB collection is here to help you follow the fashion trends with intensive colors. Combine them with a shirt for an evening walk and stay in fashion!