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The easiest way to upgrade a powerful outfit is by combining it with an equally strong jacket, from cool leather jackets to denim and from bombers to puffers. Find the most suitable jacket for you and turn heads with this BSB's most necessary collection.

Discover Sleeveless Puffer Jackets only in the BSB collection, from long to short, with a decorative belt or in various colors to renew your wardrobe. Still, looking for the best option for fall days or warm winter days? A sleeveless jacket is always the key for morning-to-evening outfits. Combine it with a feather top to show off its design or with a colorful sweater and your favorite jeans. Gain style and comfort with just one choice.

Autumn is known to have always been problematic for stylistic choices. It's that time of year when the solution for an all-day outfit is layering. It is the most stylish and season-appropriate combination. Layering is always completed with a BSB Autumn Jacket. BSB's collection of Autumn Jackets is large and ready for you to conquer. Sleeveless, puffer, and jackets with bright colors or velvet texture, are just a few of the options you have from the BSB collection. Discover all the options and stand out this Autumn.

Puffer Jackets are the latest jacket trend of the season. The BSB collection is full of new proposals in order to help you to follow the seasonal trends or renew your wardrobe with an extra piece. Do not hesitate to try a puffer jacket in bright colors or with a velvet touch. Combine it with a mini dress and high boots or with your joggers and your favorite sneakers. This is a piece that could be worn from morning to night and offers you comfort and warmth.

The current trend in women's jackets focuses on oversized fur jackets and structured blazers. BSB provides a variety of designs that blend modern style with comfort.

At BSB, discover jackets in colors like cerulean and beige. Cropped leather jackets add a timeless flair to the collection, while unique designs harmonize with the latest trends.

For winter warmth and style, choose a thick coat with fur lining from BSB. Shades of burgundy and petrol create a striking look for the colder months.

For athletic pursuits, opt for lightweight sports jackets with vibrant color combinations and ergonomic designs offering both comfort and style.

For the office, select modern blazers or structured jackets in dark shades like black or charcoal, easily paired with professional attire.

For evening outings, showcase your style with a glamorous blazer or a striking biker jacket. BSB offers a sophisticated collection that steals the spotlight.

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